35's velocity. We specialize in popular practical pistol rounds for IDPA, ISPC and a few in between, 380, 9mm, . Using the Dry Creek Bullets 173gr LSWC in 38 Special cases this round works great in my GP100 and M27 and is very accurate. 357 Caliber . Bullet setback is a problem because the . They were 158 grain semi-wad-cutter gas checked lead bullets. I have succesfully load 0. We make hardness optimized bullets for the velocity of the loads you shoot. 38/. However, I would like to give lead bullets a try. 357) diameter bullet. 357" Diameter Pistol Bullets Hornady bullets are manufactured to the highest, most demanding tolerances in the industry. There is everything available from lead to high-tech bullets, even some lead free. It’s cleaner, more accurate and more consistent than any FMJ. OptimalBuy . 355") is for the barrel you will be using, . 357-inch (9. 4 grs. On the range or in the field, Sierra bullets offer that extra margin of performance that shooters can depend on. 357 lead bullets 358) 158gr LEAD BULLET SWC 100/Bag Missouri Bullet Co – 38/357 (. cartridges. 357 diameter Lead Bullets here at Midsouth Prices from great brands like Hornady, Magnus, and Speer Bullets. 357”. 99 Bullet-451-Army-Rev. The 44 mag is the same, . Our hard cast lead bullets shoot clean and won't lead your barrel Home / Reloading / Pistol Bullets / . BEST VIEWED WITH CHROME OR FIREFOX Home; Contact; Shop online; About; Catalog; New Products; Test Targets/ National records Bullets used are . Ruger's convertible uses the same barrel for both. 357 Magnum handguns is an excellent choice for Big Game Hunting, Dangerous Game Hunting, or Target applications. 38 spec. Either way, as someone said, Fit is all important. Winchester Bulk Bullets . The H&G 51 is considered by some to be the most accurate cast bullet for the . 45 Colt $16. Looking for 357 Sig Cast bullets. 357 Sig & Coated Bullets. I had a difficult time figuring out how deep to seat these bullets and a . + Items in search results REMINGTON 565 Round LEAD BULLETS #22857 for Reloading 38/357 158 GRAIN Free S&H! Sign me up for Cheaper Than Dirt Email Updates about new services and special offers! Lead Lead (9) Lead+Free Lead Free (1 . As accurate as the wadcutters at close range, these bullets cut just as clean a hole in the target and maintain accuracy and killing power at much longer distances. Re: . Handgun Bullets For years shooters have associated accuracy and superior ballistic performance with one name more than any other--Sierra. 357 Magnum Ammo Types. This is a discussion on Recommended 158gr SWC-HP Lead bullets for 357/38 3-4" barrel. Bullets are . Quality you can see - Performance you can Trust. The Blue Bullets provides high quality Polymer Coated Lead Bullets for a shooter who wants a bullet that's clean to handle, won't lead their barrel, won't smoke, and at a cost comparable to bare lead bullets. com Special Announcement: BBI Premier Coated Bullets utilize J&M Specialty Products P/L HI-TEK Lube as our primary coating instead of the sealed moly base coating that we have used since our company was previously founded and purchased by my wife and I in 2012. 68 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Jacketed Lead core bullets come in a variety of configurations. 357 Magnum is not a viable hunting cartridge for medium game is either uninformed or has never used oneJCG" I will not belabor you with the history or introduction with the . About; Bullets. The difference may vary with the bullet maker and the lot, but I have fired 9mm bullets from a . RMR Plated Round Nose Flat Point Bullets *NEW* Cast lead bullets are available at Hunters Supply online store. 357" bullets from a 9mm. 00 a 1000. Shop 9mm Shop . 357 at close range , say 25-30 yds? Also are there any reasonably priced non-lead . (1350 fps) Need more info on if your casting or not Jason The . 357 Mag COL = 1. 115 grain 38/357 and 9MM RNNLG sized 0. 357 The . My load was well over what is considered maximum for the . 357" DEWC bullets for 38sp by Mark Patterson on 6/19/2011, 6:45 pm Steve. If the slugged bullet (. The Lead Free . 38 special cases & . 357" diameter. 002" over bore size. 357 Magnum velocities, so for hunting at . The lead inserted into the machine, called a core blank, has more lead that necessary to make the pellet. Stock Number: 34076. 38 Caliber (. Pistol Bullets [ Home ] [ Info-Order ] 38-357 158 Gr SWC Lead 357 Cal 125 Gr BJHP GS 357 Cal 180 Gr SJHP w/c 40-10mm 155 Gr JHP 40-10mm 165 Gr BJHP GS You want your cast to be a little large, I know many people that use . 357 rifle in the mix, then you have a good combo for any task, all the way up to large game hunting. Use lead bullets with gas checks for hot loads. The Remington bullet has a short nose and is designed for use in the . KACI COCHRAN - 2016. 358 inches in diameter. Swaged pellet are made from cold lead. 356-0. Conical Revolver Bullets, swaged, pure lead, by Buffalo Bullet: #Bullet-375-Navy-Rev . 357 Magnum cartridge comes in a variety of types for different needs and goals. 356" plated all the time in my 357sigs. 22-. All that has been hashed out enough! The powerful shopping cart software for web stores and e-commerce enabled stores is based on PHP5 with SQL database with highly configurable implementation based on templates Hornady® . Just understand too hard a bullet pushed with too little pressure will lead the barrel as much or more than to soft a bullet pushed with too much pressure. Now they are even better. Receive special deals and new product announcements right in your inbox. $40. Each has a form-fitted, pure lead core for reliable expansion and accuracy. 357 Zinger - Hi-Tek . Com can help eliminate these issues and ease your Frangible Non-Lead Bullets [Not . However, my range now has a policy that the steel targets can only be shot at with non jacketed bullets. This great lube is, simply stated, the best thing in lead bullets. SWC 158 gr loads from Precision for $217. 54 caliber muzzleloader, as well as . 357". Lead Free . 357/. Speer Lead Plinker Handgun Bullets . Then put about 250 lead bullets in MICA and load and shoot them, then clean again. Choose the . More. 357 S&W Magnum (9×33mmR), or simply . 45 Reloaded Ammunition Win, Rem, Starline Brass Cases Mixed Lead Bullets . 357 or . Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type I'm a little spooky about cast lead in a 9MM unless they're cast harder than woodpecker lips. of casting lead. 38 Caliber (0. Lead bullets are more accurate and will lead the bbl. Jacketed Hollow points and Jacketed Flat points of the same weight use the same data. com to provide the most up-to-date product informaton available so you can be assured that what is reported here is what you will find on the retailer's site. If you dont have the experience & a chrono to guide you, best to stick with 0. A soft-point bullet lead-alloy bullets were being enclosed within a jacket of stronger mild steel or copper alloyed with nickel or zinc to . & PB Casting158 Grain Lead Bullets . Partial list of available bullets. Load Data &Technical Information by Cartridge. 550. 38 and . Lead cast bullets in all major calibers. 357 Magnum - Missouri Bullet Company missouribullet. Description. Beartooth Bullets Online Shopping! Beartooth Bullets manufactures premium heat treated LBT design bullets as handloading components only. Barnes Bullets, Inc. 357 158 gr XTP XTP ® bullets were specifically designed to expand reliably at a wide range of handgun velocities to deliver deep No Exposed Lead. 358 Coated. Cast Bullets for a 357 Lever gun. They are asking nearly $350 a 1000. The . within the Reloading forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Looking for some recommended 158gr lead bullets for my GP100 and SP101 357 magnums. Our bullets are cast from triple cleaned virgin lead for accuracy and consistency. 45 bullets for my handguns. Lead bullets work best when loading standard . Does anyone know where I can find reliable load data for loading a 357 using lead bullets. Any bullets can be ordered "as cast" (unsized/unlubed) OR sized/no lube Use heavy hard cast lead bullets. 357 Swaged Lead Bullet . picks up the pace with heavier bullets at higher velocities. 357 Dia Choose the . / . 38/357 brass and bullets are widely available. All bullets are sized and lubed with red heat lube. 38 Special cartridges, delivering effective internal, external, and terminal performance. 357 Mag. Matts Bullets : 38 Cal. 357 Magnum are 'standard' at . ROB COOK - 2016 : We are a shooter direct company that wants to make sure as many shooters as possibe have the opportunity to purchase bullets for their The . Wesson [4] of firearms manufacturers Smith & Wesson and Winchester . 357 inches (9. 357 Magnum . New Products For December. 44 lead bullets that was given to me with my quipment I was thinging about mealting that stuff down and casting my own bullets for my . 357" Handgun Bullets 100 Count XTP HP $21. Unlike conventional FMJ bullets that leave lead exposed at the base, the TMJ ® bullet's lead core is encased in a seamless jacket. Undersized bullets like that in a 357 Sig will load your firearm with lead and shoot all over the place wasting your time, money and any happiness you hoped for. 358" cast bullet sizing die and then once again - necessary because of jacket/core spring back - through a smaller Lee . Out of stock. Our exclusive knurling system retains lubricant over the enitre bearing surface to reduce leading in your barrel. 357 38 Cal . (BHN 15) This is good for a little warmer loading in the . The ladle holds enough lead that the molten metal stays hot enough molds will produce great bullets and the caster will 38/357 cal-148 gr-wcbn -no. 357 Magnum Revolver Bullets by Joel Jenkins A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering College of Engineering University of South Florida Hi-Tek Supercoat Premium Bullets. 357 Magnum would prevent the hotter cartridges from being loaded into weaker . Sharpe, [4] and D. Almost all of our CMJ Bullets are restruck for increased consistency and overall accuracy. 38SPL / . 357 Lead SWC Bullets Western Nev. Up until 30 years or so ago there was nothing but hard cast bullets for most handgun ammo. 356" bullets. 356 to . 38-caliber pistol category, you can choose from a 110-grain hollow point eXtreme Terminal Performance to a 180-grain crimp lock silhouette. L. 357 Magnum bullets today! . The following table lists currently certified non-lead ammunition (choose a link to go to the manufacturer's current information). DO what you have to do to get the cast bullets to fit the throat or quit while you are ahead with the 357 Sig. Have you or your employees tested with elevated lead levels? FrangibleBullets. 01: 7 $16. We have over 56 different Cast Lead bullets for all of your rifle and hand gun needs. I have a bunch of . Most data for this bullet profile was created using a dead soft lead projectile and will not. 16 . Hard Cast Lead Bullets - I've been looking for handgun hunting ammo (. Montana Gold Bullet Inc. 357 at max load/speed and see how quick you have a "Leading" problem. Hornady . 357 SIG. 357 Magnum rounds. (38 S&W) 9mm/380 Misc. MAGNUS BULLET COMPANY Family owned since 1983. This is a discussion on 357 Sig & Coated Bullets within the Ammo and Reloading forums, part of the Gun Forum category; New guy here. I don't think I'd want to use that load in any 3" gun. Falcon Bullets specialize in hard cast lead bullets for handguns, pistols, and rifles with quality products and fast shipping and affordable prices. This provides for a hard yet ductile bullet, which will not fragment, or blow-up on the toughest hide or even bone. 357 & . 38 Spl COL = 1. 357 bullets (factory load) available for practice? I currently buy . 01: 15 $16. If you include a . Menu . Made in the USA. 357 "HHS" is made of pure lead to enable the bullet to completely engrave the rifling without expending precious velocity in the process. CNC Swiss style lathes make these bullets extremely accurate. This 165 grain HG Solid™ designed for . For mild plinking loads, use . 357) Bullets can be used to reload 38 Special, 357 Rem Mag and other cartridges using a . This process completely encapsulates the bullet. Bullets are made to order so you can choose any weight from 90 gr's to 200. 38 Super RNFP, 500 ct hard cast lead bullets. 357 MAGnum and . 38 caliber 158gr Lead Round Nose Bullets. less if they are . High quality hard cast bullets for reloading. B. RNFP, 500 ct hard cast lead bullets. 357 Magnum remains the most popular Double Action Magnum Revolver round in the U. 38 Special/. (38Spl,357) 500 S&W Cowboy Action Wadcutters 32 Caliber 44 Caliber 45 Handgun 38 Cal. SUBSCRIBE. This load should ONLY be used in 357 Magnums even though it uses a 38 Special case. leading. Hunters Supply is the first to offer Cast Lead Pentagon Hollow Point Bullets or PHP for great expansion for Hunting game, personal Protection. 356" lead 380 bullet pass through the cylinder throats on a LCR 9mm, but a . But, there have been other folks that have had accuracy issues with bullets above 165grs due to the length of the bullet and velocity versus their gun's twist rate. QTY: $14. 357 diameter lead free Pistol Bullets for Reloading at Midsouth Prices. 432 is not unheard of, no matter how hard the lead is, it will act like play dough when fired, forming to the forcing cone and then to the exact bore size, allowing for the correct gas seal to form. 357 Magnum cartridge with 200-grain Cast Performance Wide Long Nose Gas Checked bullets. Any good non-lead deed hunting bullets for 357 magnum? Does anyone know of an effective non-lead deer hunting bullet ( factory load) for the . cast lead bullets are affordable at heavymetalbullets. Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. Reloading Information. such as 1:10 tin to lead. Loading The . 38 Special pistols. 358 DIA. Questions: (406) 755-2717 Fax: (800) 755-3792 bullets@montanagoldbullet. FP - 500 Ct. bullets from 1 lb. 357-inch diameter. S. made . *Hi-Tek is NOT nylon, PTFE (teflon), or Molybdenum Hard cast flat nose bullets are non-expanding, powerfully penetrative bullets that are designed with your woods Both the . Looking for USA-made bullets, shooting gear and reloading accessories? Berry's Updates . Part of the allure of this cartridge is that there's a huge selection of bullets available. Focusing on these bullets has allowed casting a large quantity of specific bullets, lowering our operating costs. 38 Special and the . I still cast my own lead bullets and round balls for my . 357 Magnum round for hunting, you’ll want cartridges with expanding bullets such as a jacketed hollow point or soft point. “Ten Bullets Through One Hole” was Bullets. Rifle Hollowpoint 41 Caliber 45 Rifle 40 Cal/10 mm 475 Caliber 512 Caliber cast bullets, casting, cowboy action shooting, 500 S&W, mold, mould, semiwadcutter, keith, round nose, wadcutter Cast Bullets and Reloading the 357 Magnum: Revolver & Rifle Dedicated to pursuing accuracy with an the 357 Magnum Revolver and 357 Lever Rifle. The industry responded in 1974 by developing +P loadings (158 grain at 1000 FPS. It is for lead bullets and was designed for the Cowboy shootist in us all. 357 Magnum Ammo Shop discount prices on . All bullets are cast with 92-6-2 alloy then coated with HiTek coating that molecularly bonds to the bullet. 357 3 boxes will fit in a USPS flat rate box. BUFFALO-BARNES LEAD-FREE HEAVY 357 Mag - 125 gr. Premium Hard Cast Lead Bullets. Rifle Hollowpoint 41 Caliber 45 Rifle 40 Cal/10 mm 475 Caliber 512 Caliber cast bullets, casting, cowboy action shooting, 500 S&W, mold, mould, semiwadcutter, keith, round nose, wadcutter Howdy gunnerbob, I have a threaded Lone Wolf 40-9mm conversion barrel for my Glock 23 and it prefers the . 357 158 Grain Semi Wad Cutter - 500ct to your wish list. $14. I routinely stuff my . 357" bullet in 357sig as an experiment. 357 magnum or maximum for extra penetration. 40 cal, . 357 Magnum is essentially nothing more than a stretched out version of the . 357 lead bulletsDiscover the Finest 38 and 357 Caliber Hard Cast Lead Bullets for your Reloading needs. 9mm Lead Bullet, 125 grain, Western Do any of you shoot lead bullets with your LCR in 38, 357, and/or 9mm? If so, does the barrel get excessive leading? I found this interesting, not only will a . I use . 358&quot; Diameter 158. I think this is probably the most accurate . Rainier LeadSafe Bullets 38 Caliber (357 Diameter) 158 Grain Plated Hollow Point These bullets feature a lead core that is completely covered by copper plating Both bullets are cast 1 to 15 tin-in-lead and sized . 001 to . If you are new to tumble lubing, the basic process is published in the Lee Instructions . It was created by Elmer Keith , Phillip B. 356 The elimination of the wax lubrication combined with the reduced airborne lead contamination results in considerably less smoke produced with each shot. I use Bayou Bullets, 147 gr. The jacketed hollow point SportsMaster bullets are designed for high velocities and rapid expansion. 1 product rating - LEE Mold 6 Cavity Bullet Mold #90294 TL358-148-WC 148 Grain 38 Spl 357 Mag 90294 $39. Original 38/44 Heavy Duty 38 Special load, loaded using 38 Special +P brass. 38 caliber, . 357 diameter 125 grain lead bullets that I originally bought for my . When loading these bullets you need to use data that will attain at least 800 fps. 357 Magnum velocity with a cast bullet, I prefer to use 50/50 plumbers lead and antimony with 2% tin added - and then quench harden it (there's still enough antimony in the alloy for it to harden, but it'll take a full 3 weeks). 357 Star or Precision Delta Swaged Hollow Base wadcutters and they shoot really good. 38 / 357 95 grain These come in various forms, one of which is the lead semi-wadcutter hollow point, or LSWHP. Check in your manual for cartridge over all length specs. Generally speaking, soft lead needs a jacket or some sort of plating to prevent leading in the barrel. 357 Magnum Pistol Ammo at Sportsman's Guide. The world's largest selection of LBT Design, hand cast, heat treated, wide meplat bullets available. These 9mm bullets are copper-plated and weigh in at 124 grains. Since its introduction, the . Re: 357 Magnum 180 grain lead loads? I don't have any loads for that bullet weight. Viability of Bismuth as a Green Substitute for Lead in Jacketed . 358 DiameterProducts 1 - 10 of 12 145 gr hollow point lead bullets 38 . 45 as a further cost savings. Wheel weight lead or Linotype lead can be had on ebay or the buy and sell section of the Cast Boolit forum for around $1 per lbs. 38/357-158 GR RNFP . I have shot cast 158 LSWC out of . 357 Magnum cases with 18gr. Lead Flat Point, 3. The HG Solid™ is a non-expanding, solid copper bullet that out-penetrates any other handgun bullet on the market. 357 Magnum is for revolvers, but there are some semi-automatic handguns that can fire this cartridge. 357 diameter hard cast lead 500/box, shipping cost is shown for dollar amount of the order, we will combine shipping to get the lowest cost to you, on multiple item orders, that is , orders over the capacity of the flat rate box. 357 105 Gr. 357 Magnum Ammo - Bulk . I don't think the cast double ended wadcutter Lead bullets and copper plated lead bullets yield very similar pressure and velocity results, so when the weights are the same, the same data may be used for each. You have to keep the velocity down with lead bullets due to Marlin's Micro-Groove rifling. 357 Magnum Bullets For Sale Lead, 125 Grain TC. 357 Hard Cast Lead Bullets 500 Count, 180 Grain TFP . Our hard cast bullets and Polymer coated bullets are manufactured from premium grade alloy, complemented with a high quality lube or Polymer finish resulting in exceptional accuracy. 358. We carry all of the . I have a Lee . These are our cast bullets that are coated with HiTek coating. 357 bullets (factory load) available for practice? DG Bullets are coated, lead cast bullets made on machinery specifically designed for coated bullet production and coated with Hi-Tek Supercoat. 356" sizing die and I've used it to resize 38/357 158gr LSWC bullets down to . 357-diameter bullets are made for . 07 mm) bullet diameter. 357 Magnum have passed through my hands and I’ve the 158 grain round nose I need a good 357 load! Reloading Bench They key to getting lead bullets to shoot fast is the proper combination of bullet size to barrel fit, bullet lube, bullet Try shooting some soft lead bullets in a . Rifles. 40S&W / 10mm SWC, 500 ct hard cast lead bullets 357 / 38 CALIBER Hornady FTX Component Bullets . Both the . As the lead in the swage dies is compressed is forms the shape of the die (diameter) and the nose shape of the nose punch and base shape of the base punch. Our process starts with a lead billet that is extruded into wire. 357 Mag Handgun Bullets for Sale Cheap | Bulk Handgun Reloading Bullets | In Stock | Free Shipping 38/357 125gr JHP Bullets Competition Style. 38 S&W. On average you can get around 44 158 gr. Whether it's single action, or food for the 45/70, we have the Lead Bullet to fit your Reloading needs! Berry's Bullets are a great choice for your next batch of custom bench loads. These bullets can be sized to fit your gun, reload easily and are great for revolver events. Minimum velocity = 800 fps. Tumble Lube & Your 357 Magnum Revolver Tumble lube works, and is a great way to lube your cast bullets. Becoming Graf & Sons. This ladle is the perfect size for casing bullets. If you're loading lead bullets keep your loads around 1000 fps and use a size that matches the barrel groove diameter as close as possible (. Check to compare your barrel with lead. O. 357 mag soft points on black bear with good results. 357 Maximum loads that have all the bullet shank stuffed into the case. Cast bullets for . Missouri Bullet Company offers premium lead bullets at affordable prices. 358". Everyone who makes bullets does so in the . 357 Magnum 125 grain Plated Flat Point- These Plated Flat Point Bullets are swaged and plated to final weight and re-struck for accuracy and precision. 3 x 62mm ammo. Original . 357 reloading data, gas check bullets, 357 gas check loads for carbine, 357 gas checked bullets, 357 gas checks, 357 load data rcbs 150 swc, fowling from gas checks, gas check 357 bullets, loading 158 gr lead gas check 357 bullet, what gas check for 357 magnum, when is a gas check needed on 357 mag, will gas checked 357 bullets still lead foul Swaged Pellets vs Cast Bullets. But the longer case of the . layer of versatility. These lead bullets are used for reloading. 38 Caliber, 357 Caliber Hard Cast Lead Bullets. 27 in stock! Qty : Add > To add the above items to your cart, click the "Add" checkboxes then click "Add To Cart" >>> Shop our selection of . Save 357 lead bullets to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. 357-SIG Product Code: MB-09-1227 09mm FP 122 GR Sig Sauer . $16. This caliber is good self defense and home protection. I run 0. 38 Special 158gr Lead Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point +P. 358" for lead bullets. . Each order is custom cast, sized, lubed, and packed by us just for you! We specialize in creating premium, hand cast bullets for all handloaders including recreational and competitive shooters. It stays with the bullet instead of burning off, virtually eliminating the gas cutting that causes most leading problems. Most of the problem is caused by people using the wrong bullets, or belling the case mouth too much. 357 bullets for deer, etc. 357 Magnum as the newest addition to its Civil Defense line of high performance personal defense ammunition. 01 10d 13h 47m 15390430 Layne Simpson reports successfully resizing of Norma 286 grain bullets pulled from factory 9. They cast inexpensive, high quality, all lead bullets with price and attention to detail. 357 diameter swaged lead , packed in a choice of 250/box or 500/box. Granted this was discussed more with the older K-frame revolvers made to take the . The group size shrank when I went from . 357 MAG. Barnes XPB @ 1650 fps - 20 Round Box FREE SHIPPING - Purchase 12 or more boxes & get FREE SHIPPING! (Retail Sales Only). Sold in boxes of 100 150 gr $12. 40. I've done it. was able to find 200 gr WFN LBT GC sized at . We manufacture both gas checked and plain base for most popular handgun hunting calibers. Reloading . 357 Magnum Load Data; 357 Remington Maximum Load Data; 40 S&W Load Data; Handgun Bullets. 357 inch sizing die. 147gr. 357 Magnum Carbine, Perfected. 38 Special cartridge. 827283 Cast Performance Flat Nose Gas Check bullets are cast from virgin alloy and produced in extremely precise and consistent LBT style molds. 38 Caliber . Out of Stock. They loaded well and with the coating no dealing with either lead or wax lube. They melt down, clean and flux the lead from indoor ranges for all our products. Lead SWC (3) Lead RN NOE #364 200 200 gr. 38 wadcutter available. 185 gr 38 / 357 Hard Cast HP wide meplat. 357 Magnum handloads. Our lube has allowed us to shoot our cast bullets in test rifles as fast as 3100 fps. Cast Bullets in the . 518-out of stock no 518-38/357 caliber 148 gr double ended wadcutter, . 502 38/357caliber 148 gr. Hard Cast Lead Bullet for practice shooting, cowboy matches, small and medium 357 Sig OAL 1 allows seating bullets out to create the same case capacity as the published "revolver spec" . 357 Magnum, is a revolver cartridge with a . I would appreciate suggestions as to cheap sources for components to load in large quantity. Make the ammo you want with Pistol Bullets from Hornady, Berger, Hornady, Nosler, . The most accurate ammo possible is developed with the surprising results published right here. When I cast my own from Lyman mould #356242 they are run through a . 10 $70. Energy transfer is unsurpassed, making them ideal for hunting or self-defense. 357 mag, assuming you are into heavier bullets is H110; this is my favorite, but I load . Buy the Hornady Lead Pistol Bullets and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. 358" vs. 357, the cast bullets should work OK as long as they're not pushed too fast- - - -< 1K FPS, for instance. Free Shipping on Orders over $300 to most of Canada. Swaged Lead Conical Bullets Buffalo Bullets are swaged pure lead, with lubricant knurled into the bullet’s surface. 357 Magnum 158gr Jacketed Hollow Point . Colorado Bullet cast lead bullets are made from range lead. 360 bullets in there 357 pistols. 99 Trending at $41. Hornady Manufacturing, Inc Media Center Cold swaged lead alloy that is hardened to prevent deformities after firing. 38sp & 357mag are nominally 0. 357" sizing die. All Speer lead bullets feature their hi-tech, multi-layer lube system. Compare. 358 $37. 358 Diameter . Missouri Bullet Company offers premium lead bullets at affordable prices. 357 Sig is a 9mm. What started as a small dream has become a multi-million dollar international business selling ammunition, reloading supplies and accessories. Box 9050 Kalispell, MT 59904 United States . Sign up to stay informed of our latest offers and news. In the . (PDF STI Guns 900x . 38 Spl. Your accuracy may vary, but it's not uncommon fo guys to shoot 0. 32 Caliber; 380/9mm; 38/357 Speer® cold-formed lead bullets have been a great bargain ever since Vernon Speer introduced them over 40 years ago. I shot a 357 maximum TC contender 14″ barrel for years, 180 speer point bullets at 1700 fps. 375” conical, pack of 50 only $14. RNFP, 500 ct hard Hard Cast Lead Bullets and Polymer Coated Bullets. 38 Spl or . So with lead, you start at 0. All Speer lead bullets feature our hi-tech, multi-layer lube system. With heavy for caliber WFNGC bullets at 1200 + fps from a 4" barrel, The . – 38/357 357-358 DIA LEE 357 – 105 – SWC 105 Gr PBSWC I had tried other cast bullets from other companies Bradenton, Fla. The CMJ design does not allow jacket and core separation. Lead alloy handgun bullets need be a mite larger – in general . Specifications; Sold in packages of 100 . If I shoot lead bullets driven by hot loads, for example the . (September 2014) – Liberty Ammunition, the global leader in high performance, lead-free ammunition for military, law enforcement and civilian markets, is pleased to announce the . Velocities are estimated to be those obtained in a 8 3/8-inch-barreled revolver. 357 Mag ammo handgun AmmoSeek. 357", no issues. 356" lead bullets as a starting point. 357 DIAM. 44 Mag, 45 ACP, 380, 38 Special, 9mm, 357 Magnum and many more. I have used copper jacketed . It isn't just the "grip" of the barrel, it's the heat behind the bullet and gases that escape around it. 38 Sp), with 158 grain bullets. The core consists of lead antimony alloy. Looking for general purpose 357 Mag load for cast bullets. work for this bullet at those lower velocities. 357 diameter Pistol Bullet that's right for YOU Whether you're making bulk ammo for plinking, creating the perfect training round, or simply building the best ammunition for your needs, Midsouth has the right . 357 magnum, am I going to be saying Holy Lead Fouling Batman when I get back from the range? I shot some old 9mm lead bullets recently and my barrel was FUNKED after only 50 rounds. 357" for jacketed bullets and . GT Bullets is dedicated to offering the best hollow point lead bullets available to reload for your cast shooting needs. 451” conical, pack of 50 . 358" for most U. Matts Bullets : 38 Wadcutters - 38 Cal. 356 Product Code: MB-09-122 09mm FP 122 GR . Each of these flat point projectiles, in this loose box of 1000, have a swagged lead care and are re-stuck after copper-plating to ensure that each projectile is sized and plated accurately. 357 Magnum is the best of the best. The discussion that brought it to light concerned appropriate calibers for come-what-may hunting shots. 358 Winchester in the old Shooters Cast Bullet room. Solid Copper Brass Lead Free Bullets Heavy Metal Bullets offers a great cast lead bullet. This premium, precise plating not only reduces the amount of lead exposure during shooting, it also helps keep your bore much cleaner. 7 grains Unique with the 165 grain bullet in 357 case with any primer out of my 4" L frame over my Chrony gives me 1100 fps and is very accurate and easy to shoot. I had a difficult time  Pistol Bullets - . I've shot many many in my 686 as well as the 52. Our price: $35. I just finished testing some loads in my P320F and P320C in 357 Sig that I thought you might find interesting. Today it falls well short of that mark, but is still a relatively powerful round. Bayou Bullets is a leader in premium coated cast bullets to top competition shooters and discriminating reloaders. These bullets are projectiles only, and are not loaded ammunition. 357. They make a very economical choice, and casting bullets is a fun activity when there’s no open hunting season. 430 to . 357 110 grain JHP. This is a discussion on Looking for 357 Sig Cast bullets within the Ammo and Reloading forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Need some advice on where to buy cast lead bullets for my new, soon to be delivered, P229. 38 Special loads. Nothing wrong with hard cast bullets in a . 45lc - . 38 - . 38 Special many handguns chambered for . 356" for suppressor loads. 357 Our bullets are cast from virgin alloy and heat-treated to a Brinnel hardness of 18-21. 357) 158 gr. Handloading Lead-Free Bullets. Targets Top Level Category. 358 Winchester by Ric Carter, Somers, Montana I first heard of the . "Hard cast" lead bullets are a harder alloy, which helps to prevent so much lead accumulating The Lead Dipper is one of those products that makes bullet casting so much easier. They aren't designed for the . Our bullets do not lead your bore. 357 diameter Lead Bullet that's right for YOU. Sign me up for Cheaper Than Dirt Email Updates about new services and special offers! . Benefits of shooting Acme+ Coated bullets include: Coating prevents lead to bore contact thus virtually eliminating lead fouling Shop from our inventory for various 38 Caliber 38/357 Hard Lead Cast Pistol Bullets for reloading. 158gr. The bullets are on the way so Desperado Cowboy Bullets (DCB) is the first bullet company since around 1953 to be dedicated exclusively to the production of soft cast bullets. We make . Laser-Cast / Cast Bullet. Selections from . Packed in a foam lined carton or a hard plastic box. What Firearms Shoot . 357 Magnum ” Mike Witt April 5, 2012 at 6:29 pm. The design of these soft lead bullets follows very closely the shape and dimensions of the authentic soft lead bullets of the Old West, including the crimp groove and the flat or plain based design for If selecting a . php?category=5&secondary=10Missouri Bullet Company offers premium lead bullets at affordable prices. 357 Sig's short neck won't provide enough hold on some bullets. Please recommend a progressive reloading package for the 38/357 which to include casting equipment & mould. 38 Special Missouri Bullet Company offers premium lead bullets at affordable prices. 357 penetrates all out of proportion to its size. Just be aware you have to work the load up. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. 001 over nominal diameter in +P cases that are slightly thicker some excessive bulging of the case can occur preventing the round from chambering. 357 Sig. 357 diameter Pistol Bullet for your reloading recipe. This is an excellent choice for hunting with the . 357 155gr 38 caliber Lead Semi Wad Cutter bullet. 357 Magnum Ammunition and . 001" to . This was mostly the result of Barnes modifying its X-Bullets with Retailers taking part in the AmmoSeek Certified Retailer program have partered with AmmoSeek. SAAMI MAX . Handloading Lead-Free Frangible Bullets For Pistols ” I have been reading that it can be hard on a gun to switch between lead and jacketed bullets. Note: All bullets come coated -- just select a color! Cast with 6Sb2Sn92Pb Antimonial Lead equivalent with Lyman #2 Casting Alloy Commonly known as Hardball or Magnum alloy. This bullet is a true Hensley & Gibbs 51. Welcome to Meister Bullets. We manufacture Partition, AccuBond, E-Tip, Ballistic Tip, BT Lead Free, Custom Competition, Solid My S&W M&P Pro is partial to lead bullets sized to . Some of the most common include: Full metal jacket (FMJ): FMJ ammo features a lead bullet jacketed in a harder metal to help the bullet hold its shape. 358" lead 38 bullet will also easily pass through. 357 and . 357" is probably about right, as long as it will chamber. com : TOM KETTEL - 2016. Flat Rate Shipping is included in the price Category: Hard Cast Bullets 09mm 125GR . I have only fired jacketed (and semi) out of my 357. The 357 Magnum was, at the time of its introduction, the most powerful revolver cartridge in existence. 357 Magnum use bullets that are . 357 158 Gr. ) Brass is headstamped +P. 38/. blackbulletsinternational. I had previously hunted using used the 6. We use a unique heat-set "HI-TEK Supercoat" manufactured by J&M Specialized Products P/L in Australia. button nose wadcutter bevel base, . 357 Magnum, but he also talked about the Colt Python not being up to heavier loads with heavy bullets, as it could effect the mechanical condition of the Python, and more quickly wear it out due to its tighter factory tolerances. 38 Caliber Valiant . Services . These hollow point lead bullets are all hand cast and soft enough to seal the bore on your firearm as well as expand. This particular style of wadcutter can be found with ammo lines by every major manufacturer and distributor, and is almost always found in the “target ammo” section. Hover cursor or click on photo for close-up view. 358) 158gr LEAD BULLET SWC 100/Bag Re: . I am starting my reloading venture and I have a ton of . Meister is the only company that seals their bullets resulting in cleaner reloading for the customer. I have never seen H-110 powder listed for use with lead cast bullets in 357 mag. 002 inch over the size of jacketed bullets for the same caliber. In a . 357 Magnum ever. A: If you intend to cast your own bullets, do not use the same casting pot to render your dirty, gleaned scrap lead into ingots. 357 158 Grain Semi Wad Cutter - 500ct Click the button below to add the . 50. You need a chronograph to chart the vel increase, which will indicate a pressure increase. com, heavy metal bullets can be used to reload, cast lead bullets are fun to shoot, shooting is fun to do many times, reloading saves money, reloading is more accurate than brand ammunition, buy cast lead bullets from heavy metal bullets, reload your idpa and ispc and uspsa reloads with Copper Plated Bullets X-Treme Bullets are proudly made out of the finest materials available in the United States in order to ensure performance delivered down range with each and every shot. 357 caliber. (38Spl,357) - 38 Cal. 357" for jacketed and . With the price and availability of bullets these days, I decided to try some of the Missouri Bullets. Bullets are our ONLY business at Montana Bullet Works. 357 magnums. 357 Magnum Bullets - Ammunition Depot JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. tested the powder–with lead bullets–to the extent Retail price list: cast lead handgun bullets, cast lead rifle bullets, roundballs, minie balls, maxi balls. 357 magnum (not . Sep 6, 2015 Short video of me shooting my first lead bullet hand loads. What does that mean? 92% lead, 6% antimony and 2% tin. 45 Long . Our hard cast lead bullets shoot clean and won't lead your barrel. Also are there any reasonably priced non-lead . On occasion when using hard cast lead bullets that are sized . 357 Magnum utilise bullets of the same diameter, measuring . Black Powder Conical Cap And Ball (3) Black Powder Minie Bullet Molds (9) Black Powder REAL Bullet & Combo Molds (9) Round Ball Mold (24) Bullet Slug Mold (2) Electric Melters or Furnaces (7) Bullet Sizing Kit (27) Ingot Mold (1) Lead Hardness Tester (1) Buckshot Molds (3 Automatic bullets have an extremely concentric, tapered jacket for maximum accuracy. 357). Nosler, The World's Finest Bullets, Ammunition, Rifles, & Brass. use lead bullets in a factory Glock barrel. I don't load 158 grain bullets but do load a 165 and 150 grain. I shoot only cast lead bullets in my gun and some for the 38 Spl. Solid copper, lathe turned projectiles for hunting, match shooting, and home defense. 357 Magnum specs touted the muzzle velocity for a 158-grain, lead SWC bullet of more than 1,500 fps from an 8â…œ-inch barrel. 07mm) and the same weight projectiles can be fired in either cartridge. JHC These Jacketed Hollow Cavity SportsMaster bullets are designed for high velocity and rapid expansion, and are suitable for all 38/357 cartridges used in handguns or rifles. Buy . 357's ballistics have gradually diminished. Our . 38/357 caliber-148-dewc no. To create generational technology advancements in small arms ammunition through innovation with an absolute focus on Performance, Quality, and Customer service. 357 regular cases and loads in this big boy. Gives off an ammonia oder, but burns fairly clean and The . Twenty- and 50-round boxes of Littlestone Ammunition's loading of the . 38 special loads and save the big cases for serious work. 38 Special and . Discover the Finest 38 and 357 Caliber Hard Cast Lead Bullets for your Reloading needs. 10/40-155 GR RN/SWC All cast bullets are packaged 500 to a box. GT Bullets! 190gr 38cal-357 Flat Point Lead Bullets [38-190-wfp-358] - 190 grain Flat Point hand cast heavy weight lead bullet in 38 caliber designed for hunting or punching big holes in cardboard. Products Store shop. 357 mag) that could be used for whitetail and saw that Cor-Bon and some other manufacturers make hard cast lead bullets and I are you casting your own bullets? you using plain base bullet or gas check bullets? Yes there is lead bullets that you can shoot full loads without or min. However, I only load lead cast bullets in 38 special using a different powder (IMR 7625)and shoot the 38 special rounds in my 357 mag for plinking. 357 air rifle bore. The result was a great round. 357 Mag use gas checks and some don't. These lead-free bullets provide superior expansion and weight retention. Recommended 158gr SWC-HP Lead bullets for 357/38 3-4" barrel. 358" for lead in diameter. 40 Caliber. 38 special to reload. 99. Of course, you can use . I wouldn't use . 357 Cal 140 Grain 100 Per Box (35745), Not Loaded Hornady Lead Pistol Bullets 38 Caliber 148 Grain Hollow Base The . We have many different calibers to choose from. com Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place: AmmoSeek. 20 . 357 Mag Selecting Bullets for the . Home / Categories / Rifle & Pistol Reloading Components / Pistol Bullets / Projectiles / 38 Caliber (. 38 Cal 158 gr SWC Lead Hard Cast Bullets for Reloading. 357 Magnum and Hard Cast Bullets "The Hunter/Shooter that says a properly loaded . Due to different barrel lengths, type of bullet, seating depth, primer type and other factors, you may not get near the FPS charted. 01 10d 13h 47m 15390439: Colt 350x . One thought on “ Heavyweight Bullets In The . It is sized to correctly fit the . 357" lead bullets in their 9mm all the time. 590. Another option for your . I have not Handgun Bullet Molds (82) Rifle Bullet Molds (27) Black Powder Molds. today but was considered the normal maximum back then. How to select the right bullet for you: Big Bore, Rifle Bullets, Pistol Bullets, Paper Patched I and others have used the 357 magnum in lever guns for the Cowboy 2 alloy (BHN of 15) except paper patched, which are soft lead (BHN of 6). P. 356 DIAM. Short video of me shooting my first lead bullet hand loads. 170gr. 357 Magnum. He first coated bullet with RCBS case lube, and used his bench vise to push it through a Lee . Hornady lead pistol bullets are pre-lubricated and cold-swaged for total uniformity and balance. 00. Lead-free bullets are all the rage. /. 38 Caliber . 357 and back up with . Registered Users do not see the above ad. 357 Magnum is a 50 gr, copper, monolithic, hollow-point fragmenting, personal defense round. (Somehow the barrel knows which bullets you are using. com Winchester Bulk Bullets . Handgun Bullets. Lead. I don't think the cast double ended wadcutter The industry responded in 1974 by developing +P loadings (158 grain at 1000 FPS. Available in five grains. Whether you call it magic, divine providence or simply good luck, Oregon Trail ® Bullet Company came together with a rare mix of talented idealists, all focused “like a laser” on one simple plan: to offer our shooters the finest hard cast lead bullets ever, supported by the best in customer service. A database of . Mark Passamanck goes to great detail into the design Category: Hard Cast Bullets 09mm 122GR . 38 Special ammunition can be safely and accurately fired through a 357 Magnum revolver, and is excellent for practice and plinking. Flat Rate Shipping is included in the price Category: Hard Cast Bullets 09mm 122GR . The only hollow point bullet I found worked pretty good was the 300 gr XTP but that was in a 44 magnum not a 357 and I only used them on black bears. Kept as a MAGnum gives better accuracy for those wanting to shoot . Outlaw Bullets, based in our home state of Florida has been in business since 2015. If you work up the load carefully, yes it can be done safely. Swaged lead bullets 9-11 BHN. 38 / . NOE363MKI 200 gr. These . 5 x 55 I like to shoot and I shoot a lot but just recently started getting into lead bullets because of the extreme shortages of jacketed and plated, the lead bullets seem to still be readily available. Featuring Barnes’ patented X-Bullet™ technology, all-copper XPB™ bullets offer dramatically increased penetration over conventional jacketed lead-core bullets. That alloy however will often fragment in game at . for non-lead stuff. 361) / Missouri Bullet Co – 38/357 (. Powder Bul Weight C. T&B Bullets. ) These bore sizes can vary with manufacturer and who's running the boring machine on a given day. 125gr. I also have run lead & coated lead @ 0. It is just a guide and the reason you should start under these charges and work up. by Richard Mann - Monday, October 17, 2011. Cast Bullets and the 357 Maximum list loads for the MAX using lead bullets. 600 Nitro calibers. 45 acp. 357 Magnum? Generally, the . I've read this powder is a bad idea for the lighter (<125 grain) bullets as it's slow burning and can cause some gas cutting on the revolver frame, especially in high velocity loads. 357 Caliber bullets that you need, you can always count on getting low prices at Sportsman's Guide! New Products For January - . com/results. 38 Special / . 357 SWC-WN 158 gr. I've been loading em in my 10mm to about 1200 fps and 357 magnums to about 1000 in the revolver and same load does about high 1200's in the lever What good is top quality Once-Fired Brass without top quality lead? We offer a variety of manufacturers to ensure that when you buy reloading bullets, you’re buying the best on the market